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[Brand Positioning]: Selected fabrics, custom styles, colorful elements

[Brand Positioning]: Selected fabrics, custom styles, colorful elements

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2018/11/29 16:13
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Excellent quality is originated from advanced technology and strict management.
All these laid a solid foundation for Fit to expend market share and establish the world-renowned garment brand. Through operation of many years, the company has fostered a number of high-caliber talents devoted to teams such as independent business team and technology & template developing team. The cutting-edge Lectra CAD system and scientific ERP managing system have contributed to the virtuous and sound development of the company. The company also has a sophisticated physics lab where the PH, shrinkage, laundered appearance, color fastness, pull test and other tests can be conducted independently. The workshop is suitable for producing brand baby’ s apparel, Infant & Toddler apparel and Ladies & Men apparel with high value added and technology.  
Following the Scientific Outlook upon Development and ISO9001-2000, we standardize the operation and step up the upgrading of garment structure so as to offer cheap and exquisite products of high quality to consumers at home and abroad. Fit Garment Company Ltd. has always been taking effective measures in technology development, product innovation, quality control, internal management and company development. Guided by international elite brands, we strive hard to develop assiduously, alter the management conception, establish the modern enterprise management system, and create a harmonious, equal and perfect development   environment.