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    Brand story

    Brand Spirit

    With the mission of excellence, Feite creates cost-effective children's clothing. With the quality of Europe and America, colorful personality, creative style, Feite gives children the spirituality, makes love and beauty jump on the body and accompany you and me.

    Brand Mission

    With quality, colorful, and cost-effective performance, it gives children the connotation of love and protects children's wonderful childhood.

    Brand Vision

    Feite gives color to childhood and makes comfort to accompany children. Innovating in a never-ending pace, Feite creates a cost-effective children's clothing brand that is recognized by the industry and favored by parents.

    Brand Introduction


    Fitbear, a European and American fashion children's clothing brand that pursues the feelings, is a member of Qingdao Feite Garment Co., Ltd. 20 years of experience in the production of famous European and American children's clothing lays a strong production strength. 

    The inheritance of the essence of European style forms the brand's exclusive fashion. The bold use of color shapes the brand's exclusive personality. As a new brand of baby clothing with both quality and taste, Fitbear brand comes from the founder's combination of overseas investigation and domestic children's clothing status. He came up with the idea of customizing personalized children's clothes to make a cost-effective brand with exquisite care for Chinese babies.

    After in-depth exploration of the domestic fast consumption fashion concept, from the selection of fabrics to the design of the styles, from the focus of tailoring to the inspection of ready-to-wear garments, Fitbear has achieved the brand's exclusive craftsmanship very attentively. Every child is the dearest treasure of his parents. Fitbear takes parental focus, attention and care, accompanying children in the form of children's clothes.


    For children, love is companionship. On the mission with health,  Fitbear selects high-quality fabrics and combines the pursuit of excellence into the superb manufacturing process. Comfortable wearing experience, individual color use, safe professional guarantee and multi-channel inspection system ensure that every child's clothing and OEM's European and American counter goods are of the same quality, giving children the most intimate protection. Collecting traces of love in an ordinary life is the attitude of life that Fitbear has always advocated.

    Color is a symbol of childhood. A reasonable color match can make  children’s childhood more interesting. Accompanying children with a relaxed, open and inclusive attitude was Fitbear's pursuit as always. Fitbear is not only an infant clothing brand, but also a testimony of love and growth. It interprets the unselfish love of parents with exquisite comfort.

    Children are sensitive to color, and the reasonable use of color in dressing is also very helpful to the growth of children, giving children more color in their childhood. Reasonable use of color in dressing is also very helpful for the growth of children, giving children more color in their childhood.

    Brand Story

    There is a kind of love, for no reason; There is a kind of love, never ending. This is the unselfish love of parents for children. From the moment the baby fell to the ground, the heart of the parents quietly sprouted, secretly promised to give the baby the most delicate care. Clothing as the first guardian of the baby's advent, just like the gentle embrace of the parents, need to be comfortable,safe and full of childlike color. For a long time, China lacks children's clothing enterprises that focus on production processes and color matching. In order to solve this problem, the founder of Qingdao Feite Garment Co., Ltd. which has 20 years of experience in the production of famous European and American children's clothing, did in-depth market research. He decided to create a children's clothing brand that combines the advantages of European and American children's clothing and is suitable for Chinese baby's characteristics, so that Chinese babies can wear safe, comfortable and colorful clothing. With the delicate care for children, he gave the brand a good name "Feite", treating each baby as a baby of the Feite.

    Breaking the traditional Chinese children's clothing stereotypes,  Feite brand has continued its mid-to-high-end style since its inception. It  opens up a new world of cost-effective children's clothing based on European and American styles, quality fashion and colorful style.

    Nowadays, the new children's clothing of "Feite" has been released continuously and has become the choice of many Chinese parents. The founder is very gratified. 

    Brand Concept

    Simpler, more comfortable and more colorful.
    Feite continues the European and American design style and is designed according to the ergonomic characteristics of Chinese children accompanying the children to grow up in a relaxed, diverse and comfortable manner.

    Brand Positioning

    Selected fabrics, custom styles, colorful elements. Based on the European and American styles, Feite is dedicated to exclusive R&D and design. It is a comfortable children's clothing brand for Chinese children. It interprets the universal love of brand and parents' care for children.

    Brand Interpretation

    Fitbear is the combination of “fit” and “bear”. “Fit” interprets comfort. “ bear” refers to childlike fun. Using Fitbear as the brand name interprets a healthy and colorful childhood image. It explains the brand's delicate care for children just like their own “little baby”. It highlights that Fitbear guards the healthy and joyful growth of each baby with quality, personality, colorful brand tonality and universal love.

    Since its establishment 10 years ago, the brand has been recognized and loved by hundreds of thousands of consumers. Children's clothing carries not only the care of spring, autumn, winter and summer, but also the unselfish love of parents for children. "Feite", with a cost-effective and colorful attitude, opens the colorful childhood of children.